Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems

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Bolidt is a renowned worldwide expert in developing, producing and applying synthetic flooring, decking and associated systems for vessels in various marine market sectors. This includes cruise ships. Since 1964 Bolidt, based in the Netherlands, has set the standard for shipdecks and interior spaces. By keeping product development, production, sales and processing in-house, Bolidt has successfully distinguished itself from other suppliers. As a result of this strategy, Bolidt is less dependent on external suppliers than others in this market, and is able to offer a comprehensive in-house service from initial product research through to application onboard ship.

Over the years Bolidt has supplied flooring and decking materials to many of the leading cruise shipping brands and has a significant share of the current cruise new building market. Bolidt products have been used on cruise ships for sun decks, lido decks, balconies, swimming pools and helicopter decks, as well as interior flooring and specialist surfaces, such as galley flooring. Bolidt has a number of products in the Bolideck® range, all of which are extremely durable, low-maintenance and fireproof.

Brands: Bolideck® Future Teak, Select Soft, Select Hard, Select Teak Effect, Galleydeck, Helideck


  • Bolideck® Future Teak
    Bolideck Future Teak is sustainable, cost efficient and lightweight. Relatively simple and fast to apply. In contrast to traditional teak decks, no trees have to be felled. Weather resistant and low- maintenance....

  • Freedom in design With Bolideck® Future Teak, designers and architects are no longer bound

    by the many limitations of traditional designs. This innovative deck system can be applied in every imaginable curve or pattern, and is available in a myriad of colours. This offers countless new options

    and infinite freedom in design. Goes together perfectly The Bolideck® Future Teak deck system

    is compatible with all existing Bolideck® decking systems. For example, with Bolideck® Select Soft, which is excellently suited for sports and jogging decks.