Cupix, Inc.  

San Jose,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3102

At Cupix, we believe true 3D digital twin software technology unlocks the built-world data journey. 

Users can experience a 360-degree StreetView like a virtual walkthrough to visually map the job sites.

We help our users digitally transform the built environment into clear and accurate models and actionable insights.

The new CupixWorks X is equipped with a unique 3D artificial intelligence engine.

When coupled with our enterprise cloud platform that ingests building lifecycle data from any source, Cupix advances smart world solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction contractor firms.

Brands: Cupix's true 3D digital twin platform unlocks worksite management, improving owner and operator cost control over cruise and passenger line engineering, construction, and interior design.


CupixWorks - 3D Digital Twin Collaboration Platform


  • CupixWorksX
    Cupix provides a 360-degree StreetView like a virtual walkthrough experience to visually map the job site. Our new CupixWorks X platform can help our users digitally transform the built environment into accurate models and actionable insights....

  • CupixWorks X enables shipbuilders and interior designers to communicate worksites' situational and visual context to compare as designed to work in progress clearly and more intuitively. Stakeholders can view worksites remotely from the office accurately and efficiently.

    • Users benefit from ClearVision, a unique technology for sorting out clear image frames in video footage presented with synthetic lighting, which can brighten low-lit scenes and enhance grainy noises so work progress can be easily seen and measured
    • Map the walking path with video in 3D to capture rooms, decks, stairwells, ceilings, and walk ramps
    • The SiteInsights™ is an easy-to-use analytics dashboard that enables users to manage the progress of multiple job sites on a single monitor. SiteInsights features an automatic percentage of completion records
    • The fully customizable annotation templates enable sharing issues within structured information and 3D locations for unmistakable communication among stakeholders