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Bergen,  Vestland 
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The cruise industry is facing a massive shift with more stringent rules for zero-emissions operations in ports and emission control areas (ECAs), new IMO regulations coming up, in addition to increasing passenger demand for greener cruise experiences.

The industry needs to find ways to reduce the carbon footprint from its operatons. There is not one solution to this problem, but energy storage systems (ESS)is one of them.

Batteries reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs and environmental impact. This has proven especially compelling as environmental regulations are becoming extensive.

In addition to advantages like peak-shaving, spinning reserve and supply backup power our large capacity energy storage systems will enable larger vessels to operate in zero-emission mode for longer periods of time. This may be interesting for port entry/stay/exit and environmental operation in fjords and other emission-controlled areas.

Corvus Energy Storage systems (ESS) are suitable for both new builds and retrofit projects. We have various types of batteries suitable for different type of vessels. To learn more about our products, please visit our product pages.

Brands: Corvus Energy is the world’s leading supplier of safe, innovative and reliable energy storage solutions in the form of Lithium-Ion batteries to maritime, offshore, subsea and port applications

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