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Everlux is recognized as a leading supplier of complete safety signage solutions for the marine and offshore industry, compliant to IMO Resolutions, SOLAS Convention and ISO standards. The Everlux catalogue allows ship chandlers, ship suppliers, ship builders, owners and operators, as well as their safety officers and purchasing managers to swiftly understand the technicalities of safety signage systems, to comply with the most updated standards and consequently to provide a highly safe environment on board. In addition to the product range, Everlux offers the photoluminescent Low Location Lighting system luminance measurement service. The company is a DNV approved service supplier and its technicians are available to provide this on board service worldwide.

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  • Shipboard Safety Signs
    High luminance photoluminescent shipboard safety signs and Low-location lighting systems (LLL) in compliance with the latest standards and regulations, namely IMO Res. A1116(30) and ISO 15370. Everlux signs - MED certified and USCG compliant....

  • Technical Properties of Photoluminescent Safety Signs

    Quality, Standards & Certification:

    Everlux photoluminescent products are manufactured to the highest technical standards using state of the art equipment; thus ensuring we offer the best available photoluminescent quality for safety signs.

    Everlux photoluminescent safety signs comply with IMO Resolutions, Solas Convention and ISO Standards.

    Everlux products have Type Approval by Lloyd’s Register and are MED certified by DNV.

    Technical Properties

    Luminance Properties

    Applicable Standards and Resolutions/ product

    Luminescent intensity (mcd/m2)

    (After removing the exciting light)

    Period of light decay

    10 minutes

    60 minutes

    Luminance Intensity greater than a 0.3 mcd/ m2

    IMO Res. A.752(18)

    15 mcd/m2

    2 mcd/m2


    ISO 15370

    15 mcd/m2

    2 mcd/m2



    100 mcd/m2

    10 mcd/m2

    1200 minutes


    40 mcd/m2

    8 mcd/m2

    1800 minutes

    a) According to DIN 67510 measurement protocol;

    b) According to ISO 15370 measurement protocol.

    Photoluminescent signs: Photoluminescent rigid plastic 1.2 ± 0.1mm thickness and self-adhesive photoluminescent vinyl.

    Printing: Serigraphy, high quality gloss paint with UV resistance and an indoor durability in excess of 5 years.

    Fire resistance: Flame retardant according to IEC 60092-101: 2018 and IMO FTPC Part 5 (IMO Res. MSC.307(88)).

    Surface: Antistatic and easy to clean.

    Chemical characteristics: Non-radioactive, non-phosphorous, lead-free and non-poisonous.

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