Life Floor

Minneapolis,  MN 
United States
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Life Floor Safety Surfacing was created specifically for aquatics.

Our tiles combine safety, comfort, durability, and design to provide an ideal surface where all types of play are possible. Our mission is simple: we believe all aquatics spaces should be safe and beautiful. Life Floor is IMO Certified and NSF/ANSI/CAN 50 Certified.

Life Floor's tiles weigh on average 10 times less than comparable pour-in-place applications. We offer unlimited design combinations and customization possiibilities to create unique and consistent branding and theming for cruise lines. Beyond our standard shapes, our tiles can be custom cut to feature logos, graphics, and just about any design imaginable.

Our foam-rubber tiles weigh 10 times less than comparable pour-in-place applications.Our foam-rubber tiles weigh 10 times less than comparable pour-in-place applications.

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  • Life Floor Ripple 2.0
    Our Ripple texture has the highest traction rating when wet. The texture has deep grooves for anti-hydroplaning and provides a more polished look for your aquatic facility....

  • Ripple 2.0 is NSF/ANSI/CAN 50 Certified and IMO Certified. It is slip resistant, cushioned, easily cleaned, impermeable, chemical resistant, and UV Resistant. The tile's modular shape allows for ease of at-sea replacement if a tile is damaged without halting guest experience.

    Ripple 2.0 works like a car’s high-performance tires. Grooves called siping allow water to run off the surface into channels, insuring that the tire is getting traction on the road. In Life Floor’s case, the grooves in Ripple 2.0’s texture allow water to run off so that bare feet are getting traction on the surface. Ripple 2.0 is commonly used in applications such as splash pad surfaces, pool decks, and zero-depth entries.

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