Helsinki Shipyard Inc.

  • Booth: 2239

Helsinki Shipyard Oy focuses on building of advanced special products and developing demanding marine technology. The shipyard has long experience in designing and building passenger and cruise vessels. We are also known for innovative icebreakers and other special vessels for arctic conditions and cold environment. Today our product portfolio consists of icebreakers, small and medium sized cruise ships and superyachts. 

Helsinki Shipyard Oy started its operation in May 2019 when the shipyard was transferred to new ownership. The roots of Helsinki Shipyard Oy date, however, back to year 1865 when Helsingfors Skeppsdocka was established. The shipyard is located in the downtown area of Helsinki, Finland. Most of the shipyard facilities are covered, including the 280 m long graving dock.

Helsinki Shipyard Oy is currently building three expedition cruise vessels to be used for cruises to high latitude areas as well as for tropical destinations. First two of the vessels will provide luxury facilities for 152 passengers and the third one for 192 passengers. The vessels will have a high ice class for extended operation seasons in the Arctic or Antarctic waters.

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