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Lufthansa Industry Solutions: Your partner for digital transformation

Whether you need to develop a company-wide digitization strategy, connect machines using IT services or provide mobile platforms for cross-company collaboration: If it is a matter of company digitization, Lufthansa Industry Solutions is the right partner.

Our customers come from a wide range of different areas. These include air travel, logistics and tourism. They come from the manufacturing and automotive industries, and are active in publishing and transport. But no matter their industry, they all face the same, huge challenge of our time: They have to structure their IT along the value chain in a way that it reduces costs and simultaneously increases revenues and efficiency in the long run. In short: It is about companies’ future viability.

We offer innovative high quality solutions to advance the growth, profitability and customer service of our clients. Our extensive portfolio includes Room Automation, Digital Signage, Convergence Systems, Location Based Services, Cloud Computing, SAP Enterprise Systems, IoT (IIoT) Solutions, Data Analytics, Professional Services and much more.


  • Digitization - we know the ropes
    "Cruise ships pioneer the newest technologies before they are adapted by the travel industry on a wider scale. Let`s work on this togehter." Klaus Vollmer; Director Maritime Solutions...

  • Digitization—charting a new course for the cruise ship industry

    There is no question that digitization has become a formidable industry disruptor for the cruise ship sector. Its presence is evident across all operational areas, transforming and transcending obstacles challenging the industry. With the digitization revolution going full steam ahead, cruise ship operators are bracing for optimized operations that will advance both their best interests and those of their passengers. All in all, digital technology is optimizing everything from location tracking and equipment and crew management to guest communications, guest services, cabin controls, and onboard safety.

    Navigating the challenges

    If the engine room is the heart of a ship and the bridge its brain, then its Information Technology is its central nervous system. IT is at the core of all processes— guest check-in and boarding, food and beverage service, waste management, safety, and logistics. A well-designed and implemented IT infrastructure is the single most important growth driver for the industry facing a myriad of challenges— whether related to complex logistics, ecological concerns, or the passenger experience. This advanced IT infrastructure is made buoyant with leading-edge technologies reflecting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ proven track record, which is evident in over 100 successful cruise ship projects.

    Knowing the ropes

    Lufthansa Industry Solutions can draw on its extensive experience in serving cruise ships since 2005. The numbers speak for themselves. We have installed and configured over:

    400,000 network ports,
    150,000 IP phones,
    20,000 base stations for wireless communications,
    13,500 cabin controller units.

    We know the ropes from initial design and implementation to a successful operation. Our in-depth expertise extends over the ship’s equipment, operations, and architecture and covers network and on-board operations, cabin control, IT security, and guest IT. We are adept at IT convergence, mastering projects to provide fully redundant convergence networks that integrate onboard IT systems, telephony and IP TV systems, wireless networks for “bring your own device” services, advanced IP TV solutions, CCTV solutions, cabin automation, and controls (i. e., environmental, door locking and RFID) and digital signage. Guests can use their smartphones to control their cabins, order, and bill their food and beverages, and personalize their services.

    Safety first ... convenience a close second

    In addition to elevating the guest experience, advanced IT is facilitating guest safety. We have installed over 1,000 cameras onboard cruise ships to help streamline processes, while also promoting safe guest embarkation/disembarkation and check-ins. To further support safety and security, we are developing facial recognition technology together with NEC, e. g. for the boarding of crew members.

    We are also working on improving the guest experience with mobile boarding passes paired with facial recognition and other biometrics (e. g., fingerprints or iris scans) to significantly reduce passengers’ boarding times following shore excursions without compromising their security. Heightened network security measures (e. g., URL filtering, intrusion prevention, anti-malware, network-layer firewalls) provide additional layers of protection against potential data breaches to safeguard guests’ personal data when using credit cards.

    All hands on deck for agile project management

    A sound, reliable IT infrastructure project begins with the right team and the right approach. Our agile project management proceeds seamlessly with a hand-off from our account managers who have performed a thorough analysis of the cruise ship’s business objectives and processes. The goal is to deliver a solution that best accommodates each customer’s specific requirements today and with a forward-looking vision toward future needs. Manufacturer autonomy further ensures the optimum solution will be provided.

    Knowing what lies ahead in cruise ship technology

    Lufthansa Industry Solutions continues to stay ahead of the curve, knowing what the cruise ship industry needs and what the future in cruise ship technology will be. Taking what we have learned from our other industry markets—aviation, automotive, manufacturing, logistics, and other maritime sectors such as ports—we have a good idea of what technologies can be leveraged to further accelerate the growth and success of the cruise ship industry. Of course, we also keep a close ear to the ground, speaking directly and continuously with our cruise ship customers, other industry Thought Leaders, IT specialists, hardware and software manufacturers, and shipyards regarding leading-edge technologies. Through our customer workgroups, we are keeping the lines of communications open wide and also performing our testing of new technologies to assess their suitability for cruise ships. Among the topics, we are focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Data Analytics.

    Maritime solutions making waves

    We have been leading new platforms and integrated network infrastructure projects for over three decades. From conception, design, and implementation to IT infrastructure optimization, we are steering the right course, providing high quality, leading-edge:

    • ▪  converged infrastructure

    • ▪  WLAN and LAN networks

    • ▪  IP telephony

    • ▪  location-based services

    • ▪  cabin control systems

    • ▪  security solutions (CCTV)

    • ▪  software development

    • ▪  customer and project management

    • ▪  IT and infrastructure consulting

    • ▪  AI, Data Analytics and IoT

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