Act Operations Research

  • Booth: 1488

ACT Operations Research (ACTOR) is a math-engineering company specializes in providing corporate decision-making software and process control solutions.

ACTOR’s expertise is providing solutions based on: math-optimization, Artificial Intelligence, dynamic simulators and predictive models.

Magellano is a Decision Support System for Cruise Itinerary Planning (CIP) activities, based on advanced techniques of Operations Research. It allows the Itinerary planning of cruises, including route optimization, calculation of costs, market attractiveness and estimation of revenues.

Our over 20 years of operations research in predictive analytics, supply chain and logistics projects in transportation and maritime applications are applied to offer optimized itinerary planning and revenue management technology to help clients cut costs and improve profits based on advanced analytics.


Brands: Magellano Suite - Cruise Itinerary Planning (CIP) Revenue Management (RM)

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