The Fjords

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The Fjords operates eleven tourist ships in the Western Norwegian fjords, opening up the wonders of this unique landscape to visitors from across the world, year round.

With a commitment to safeguarding the environment it showcases, a new breed of technologically advanced green vessels that provide unforgettable passenger experiences. Future of The Fjords provides an optimal passenger experiences - with panoramic windows, comfortable lounges and a design made to ensure all passengers, regardless of mobility, can ‘climb’ over it and experience the area’s natural beauty up close – but it also operates with zero emissions, of any kind.

With an all-electric propulsion unit of two 300kW motors, enabling cruising speeds of 16 knots, there’s no emissions to air and no noise. A radical charging solution designed specifically for this vessel ensures that there no emissions to water either, with all grey and black water transferred to a floating storage unit. In addition, a specially designed hull minimises vessel wake to protect the fragile shoreline from erosion.

The carbon fibre hull reduces weight and optimises energy efficiency, ensuring savings in battery capacity.

Brands: Brodrene Aa is a world leader in the construction of fast ferries made of carbon fibre composites.

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