SAJ Instrument AB

Mariehamn Aland Islands, 
  • Booth: 1839

The SAJ-DMS system offers the most accurate, reliable and confident DYNAMIC REMOTE MEASUREMENTS obtained within one system which ensures the conformity with the actual condition of vessel in port, shallow water and at sea. The system advantageously replaces old and outdated static remote gauges found in bow and stern known to fail and be offset due to slamming and shockwaves. The SAJ-DMS system´s optimal design requires ONLY ONE THROUGH-HULL INTAKE /Draft transducer amidships combined with a couple of "DYNAMIC SENSORS" specifically designed for the purpose fit to the steel structure inside hull. The system measures and presents TRIM and HULL-FLEXING to an accuracy of < +/- 1 cm, LIST and HULL TORSION +/- 0.0025 degrees and DRAFT in NINE positions App, C/L, Fpp and hull marks to an accuracy of +/- 1 cm. On-line presentation of Hydrostatics and DWT-situation. The system is easy to calibrate either by Wizard or CALIB APP, extended remote information in MOBILE APP in smartphones or pads. By adding the ODT module to the DMS system TRIM OPTIMIZATION is obtained more confident as made directly against vessel´s hydrodynamic condition offers higher saving potential. 

Brands: SAJ-DMS, Dynamic Monitoring System SAJ-ODT, Optimal Dynamic Trim SAJ-DTC, Dynamic Tank Correction

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