Port of Helsingborg

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Helsingborg offers a mix of metropolitan big city and charming idyllic small town. It’s full of history: ancient and modern, Danish and Swedish. Stroll through the shopping street Kullagatan, unwind at one of the cosy restaurants, or survey the architecture. Drop in at Sofiero Palace and Gardens on the outskirts of town. Sofiero is one of Skåne’s most popular attractions being the old summerhouse of the royal family.

The region around Helsingborg city has even more to offer, old fishing villages, Söderåsen National park, vineyards, farm shops, porpoise safaris and much more. It’s all close together which makes it easy for your guest to explore, without having to travel too far.

Port of Helsingborg offers Cruise Lines and its passengers a variety of options for the ship to berth. No matter the option, the guests will always be close to or in the middle of the city centre.

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