FMT Aircraft Gate Support Systems AB

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FMT is a privately owned company with more than 50 years of experience in design, manufacturing and delivery of innovative passenger handling and operational support systems for airports and seaports worldwide.

With over 50 Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges in service throughout the world, FMT´s Boarding Bridges provide customers with safe and reliable operating systems built in accordance with the agreed bespoke designs, which has been developed for each seaport client.

FMT has designed and built Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges for a wide range of applications ranging from Mobile Gangways for ferries to Mobile Passenger Access Systems which serve the world’s largest cruise ships.

FMT is headquartered in Trelleborg, Sweden.

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Brands: Mobile Elevating Gangway, Mobile Telescopic Bridge, Fixed Telescopic Bridge, Fixed Walkway


  • Mobile Elevating Gangway
    * Highest flexible type of Mobile Elevating Gangway
    * Dual Passenger Flow
    * Self propelled for service along the wharf deck
    * Hurricane proof design...

  • The Boarding Bridges´ main features are the flexibility for the servicing the varying elevations heights and horizontal locations of cruise ship doors and port terminal entrance locations as well as safer handling, speed, and operation through PLC controlled equipment. The servicing envelope of the bridges is generous, providing 389 feet of horizontal movement and elevation up to 54 feet above sea level.

    Depending on the ship´s height FMT´s Boarding Bridges can be set into a short cut and use only a necessary number of tunnels to reduce the walking distance. The transition ramp into the ship also has a new design which will allow operators to adjust the width of the ramp accordingly to the ship door.

    The bridges are PLC controlled and will automatically follow ship movements affected by tidal, wind, and wave fluctuations. They are connected to the Port´s data network through modems for remote online maintenance and have operational reliability with two independent power sources.

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