Cruise-Aid Logistics Europe ApS

  • Booth: 1777

We are an international and domestic freight forwarder that manages the flow of our customers’ goods from point of origin to final destination in a timely and safe manner, whatever it takes.

As experts in logistics, supply chain management and special projects, we design, plan, execute, control and monitor the activities of an extensive network both internationally and domestically of local agents, multi-modal carriers, service providers and agencies, ensuring that our customers’ goods are delivered where and when they’re needed. All of our services are available through our Cruise-Aid Logistics Europe headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and American Cruise-Aid Logistics headquarters in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

A Trusted Advisor

We don’t aim to be just another service provider. Our customers think of us as a trusted advisor in their organizations, as focused on their needs as they are themselves, which makes us proud.

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