Gemini Light Sound & Video  

Dallas,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 1200

A trusted partner for for over 35 years!

Gemini offers a wide range of light, sound and video technology solutions for the worship facilities environment. Let us bring our 35 years of experience to the table when you want to buy new equipment, rent gear for a seasonal production or need design and consultation services. Our meticulous approach to quality control and customer service ensures outstanding results every time. We’ll do everything we can to insure your message is delivered with impact!


  • UL Approved, Portable Power Distribution Rack
    Gemini is now offering portable power distribution for sale! Our UL 1640 racks are available in 12, 24, 36 & 48 circuit configurations. Ask for a demonstration when you visit our booth!...

  • Gemini is now offering portable power distribution for sale! Our UL 1640 racks are available in 12, 24, 36 & 48 circuit configurations. The unique, branch circuit design allows for both 120 and 208 volt outputs for every circuit. In addition, each model offers six dedicated 120 volt accessory outlets. 

    Advanced power monitoring with the EasyLogic meter system provides phase to phase, phase to neutral volts as well as RMS current monitoring for each phase. Other parameters are available including current, phase angle, neutral current, power factor, frequency and percent load per phase.

    We take pride in the fact that each rack is hand crafted, Made in Texas and incorporates only the highest quality components and workmanship. The rack enclosure is battle ship tough, incorporating a Toff modified polyurea elastomer coating which makes them suitable for use in the most demanding conditions. 

  • High Quality/Low Price Power & Data Cables
    Gemini produces a wide variety of standard or custom, high quality power and data cables to suit any need at a great price point. Built to exacting quality control standards, these are cables your show can rely on!...

  • Standard Data Cable

    LENGTHS: 5’, 10’, 15’, 25’, 50’, 75’, 100’, 125’, 150’, 175’, 200’
    WIRE TYPES: 3 Conductor Tour Flex DMX, 5 Conductor Tour Flex DMX, Rapid Run Cat5e 4 Ch. Snake, Cat6 Tour Grade
    CONNECTOR TYPES: 3 & 5 Pin XLR, RJ-45 w/boot, RJ-45 w/Shell (NE8MC-1), RJ-45 w/Shell (NE8MC6-MO)
    STANDARD DMX CABLE CONFIGURATIONS: 3 Pin XLR Male-Female, 5 Pin XLR Male-Female, 3 Pin Male to 5 Pin Female XLR Adapter, 3 Pin Female to 5 Pin Male XLR Adapter
    ETHERNET CABLE CONFIGURATIONS: 4 Channel Data Snake w/boots, 4 Channel Data Snake w/NE8 Shell, 4 Channel Data Snake w/NE6 Shell, RJ-45 w/boot, Tour Grade Cable, RJ-45 w/NE8 Shells, RJ-45 w/NE6 Shells

    Standard Power Cable

    WIRE TYPES: 12/3 SO, 12/3 SJ, 12/14 Dura-Flex
    CONNECTOR TYPES: Edison, Stage Pin, PowerCon, PowerCon True 1, L-620
    STANDARD MULTI CONFIGURATIONS: 19 pin KC Male-Female, 19 pin KC Fan-Out to Blue PowerCon, 19 pin KC Fan-In/Out to Edison, 19 pin KC Fan-In/Out to Stage Pin, 19 pin KC Fan-In/Out to True 1 PowerCon, 19 pin KC Fan-In/Out to L-620
    STANDARD SINGLE CIRCUIT CONFIGURATIONS: Edison Male-Female, Edison Male to Blue PowerCon, Edison Male to True 1 PowerCon
    Stage Pin Male-Female, L-620 to Blue PowerCon, L-620 to True 1 PowerCon Female, True 1 PowerCon Male-Female, 

    All standard configurations come with unshrunk heat shrink so the customer can apply their own ID label and length marking.


  • COMING SOON: Rigging Motor Power Distribution
    Gemini will soon offer a UL approved, 4-Channel motor power distribution module....

  • Ths 4-channel, stackable unit will have many configuration options and be built with the same quality control standards as our Power Distribution Racks!