Luton,  Beds 
United Kingdom
  • Booth: 906

Visit Cadac and see the latest in digital mixing consoles

Cadac, established in England in 1968, design and build digital and analogue audio mixing consoles for house of worship, concert touring, theatre, installation, broadcast and recording applications.

At this year’s WFX, Cadac will be exhibiting its latest digital console the large format CDC seven, which will be running the very latest version of the intuitive CDC Console Software - which includes "sticky channels" and custom fader layers. The CDC seven features advanced gesture navigation, displayed on dual 23.5” touch screens, with 96 input channels, 56 busses - of which 48 are assignable - controlled via 36 faders. It comes preconfigured with a 64 x 64 Waves interface for connection to Waves SoundGrid.

Its sister console, the medium format CDC six will also be on show, along with the 3072 channel CDC MC Router and the full range of MegaCOMMS network bridges and stageboxes, including the CDC MC AES3 stagebox and CDC MC Optical bridge.

With unparalleled heritage in professional audio, Cadac's reputation for unrivalled audio quality, design and engineering has always set the benchmark for excellence.

Brands: Cadac, based in the UK, design and engineer both analogue and digital live audio mixing consoles, including CDC eight, CDC seven, CDC six, CDC four:m and LIVE1.


Cadac CDC six - In 60 seconds


  • Cadac CDC seven
    The CADAC CDC seven is a digital audio mixing console featuring advanced gesture navigation, 96 input channels, 56 busses - of which 48 are assignable – a Waves SoundGrid interface and total through-system propagation delay of just under 400us....

  • The CDC seven is Cadac’s latest addition to the CDC series of digital consoles. It retains all of the feel and familiarity of the CDC six, with its major ergonomic advance in user operation and minimal learning curve, but up scales the operational flexibility with its dual, large format 23.5” 16:9 touch screens and a physical fader count of 36. The channel input count also expands to 96 but retains the CDC six’s 56 busses; 48 of them being fully configurable.

    The CDC seven’s intuitive human interface and feature set are designed with the primary intention of aiding the workflow and allowing the engineer full creative freedom, unhindered by the operation of the technology. The standard feature set includes a Waves SoundGrid interface, Cadac’s unique Monitor with Mix Focus Modes, as well as the ability to create custom layers.

    As with all of Cadac’s digital consoles, the CDC seven uses Cadac’s proprietary audio protocol MegaCOMMS that  allows a total through-system propagation delay from inputs on stage to outputs, including all console processing and A-D / D-A conversions, of just under 400μs; the industry’s lowest latency digital protocol.