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World Class Hearing Loop Assistive Listening since 1965!

Univox by Edin, a leading expert and producer of high quality hearing loop systems for assistive listening, created the very first true constant current loop amplifier in 1969.Our mission since is to serve the hearing aid community with the highest degre


  • SLS-3/5
    Phased Array Hearing Loop Driver...

  • Features

    • Fully complementary and balanced system based on multiple class D stages for highest dynamic performance
    • Exceptionally high efficiency
    • Unique Parametric MLC for comprehensive metal loss compensation
    • Built-in System diagnostics to isolate system errors
    • Advanced real time protection circuit
    • 50-100V input
    • Programmable XLR, RCA and screw terminal input connectors
    • Crest factor based Dual Action AGC for unsurpassed intelligibility
    • High switching frequency 400kHz-1MHz for low interference
    • Low frequency masking filter for voice enhancement
    • Butterworth 24dB/octave low pass filter for effective noise blocking between equipment
    • Priority Voice alarm system input
    • Fan free convection cooled for silent reliableoperation
    • Monitor speaker output
    • Front panel controls for easy access
    • Recessed controls to prevent tampering
    • ULD supported for easy project planning
    • Extremely low carbon footprint
    • Full width 1U 19″ rack mount to save rack space
    • 5 year warranty
  • PLS-X1/3/5
    Conventional Hearing Loop Driver...

  • Features

    • 5 year warranty
    • 1U high and ½ width (19″ rack) for side by side mounting to save rack space
    • Parametric Metal-Loss-Control for various types of metallic influences
    • Built-in System diagnostics, to isolate a system malfunction
    • Programmable XLR, RCA and screw terminal input connectors
    • Dual Action AGC for unsurpassed intelligibility
    • Low frequency masking filter for voice enhancement
    • 50-100 V input
    • Voice alarm system input that overrides all other input signals
    • No internal fans are needed as there is no power leakage. Cooling is due to efficient design
    • 10 W output for connecting a speaker to monitor/verify driver activity
    • Front panel placed controls for easy installer access
    • Recessed controls to prevent tampering
    • Rack mounting kit
  • ULD - Univox Loop Designer
    Hearing Loop Design Software...

  • Univox Loop Designer

    Our own-developed web-based planning tool for hearing loops, Univox Loop Designer (ULD), has been updated to v2.0.

    Univox Loop Designer is an advanced software for planning of hearing loop systems. The web based planning tool can be used for planning of many different loop classes and figurations. The end result is an automatically generated PDF report that includes recommendations for loop amplifier and loop wire type and all project data as well as several graphs showing the loop layout and magnetic field strength distribution in 2D and 3D.

    Power, voltage and current is calculated, as well as loop wire impedance, for every project. Additional features of the software include calculation of horizontal and vertical overspill, loop wire usage, attenuation due to metallic interference and a possibility to specify a system according to different sound quality levels.