Sensi Thermostats  

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Simplify and centralize your comfort control with Sensi Multiple Thermostat Manager.

The only solution of its kind on the market, Sensi Multiple Thermostat Manager solves the problems that matter most to customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional building management systems.

  • No more working at odd hours to manage thermostats
  • No wasted time programming thermostats one at a time
  • No more worrying about unattended systems left running, wasting energy and adding cost
  • No need for lockboxes to prevent unauthorized people from manipulating thermostats

Sensi Multiple Thermostat Manager is an intuitive Web portal that gives you remote access to unlimited thermostats from anywhere, empowering you to manage your facility with ease and ensure occupant comfort.

  • Easily drag and drop thermostats to create groups that to fit your needs
  • Lock, unlock and modify settings across groups, including scheduling, fan, mode and set points
  • Create and apply unlimited schedules from anywhere
  • Enable smart alerts if extreme temperatures and humidity are detected

Please stop by our booth to watch a demo and see if Sensi Multiple Thermostat Manager is right for your facility.

Brands: Sensi, Emerson