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United States
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Win a free iPad and learn to use mobile to drive engagement!

Connection and generosity anytime, anywhere is now a reality thanks to echurch powered by Pushpay, the leading provider of mobile apps and giving technology to churches. In today’s world, ‘online’ or ‘digital’ is no longer cutting edge. Phones have evolved into smartphones and these personal devices linking people everywhere to the outside world on their own terms. Imagine harnessing this cultural shift to connect people with your church, making engagement and generosity possible, anytime, anywhere. Now you can.

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  • (Oct 09, 2017)
    Enter to win a new iPad and learn about how a custom church app experience can grow engagement in your church!  


  • echurch Custom Church App Experience
    Pushpay provides custom church app experiences that bring people together by strengthening community, connection, and belonging....

  • Imagine if technology could personalize communication to the members of your community. Now it can. Through an echurch custom app experience, your church can use technology to nurture people through every stage of the community member journey. You’ll be able to provide your community opportunities for generosity and connection anytime, anywhere.