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World class loudspeaker systems, leading edge designs.

At Martin Audio we recognise the importance of intelligible speech and music that envelops the audience, front to back, regardless of the challenges of highly reverberant spaces that many houses of worship tend to occupy. Equally, with everything from traditional services to Gospel to full on rock performances, we offer a range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of this sector.

Brands: BlacklineX, CDD, CDD-LIVE!, Ceiling Series, LE Series Stage Monitors, MLA Series, O-Line, Wavefront Precision and XE Series Stage Monitors.


  • BlacklineX Series
    Signature sound for installation and portable applications— the Blackline heritage re-imagined for the modern era....

  • Now, with BlacklineX, Martin Audio’s R&D team has engineered a classic suite of passive loudspeakers for the modern era. Delivering the signature sound of warmth, nuance and clarity but with improved overall performance at a price point not previously possible, BlacklineX is a clean, smart design with no-compromise between the needs of installation and portability. Applications range from portable sound reinforcement and stage monitoring for live bands, DJ’s and corporate events, to installations in nightclubs, bars, commercial spaces and HoW [House of Worship].

    Comprising four two-way systems — from the ultra-compact X8 to the powerful X15 — and three subwoofers, including an unobtrusive slimline model, the multi-purpose BlacklineX Series raises the performance of loudspeaker systems in its class to a new level.

    Each symmetrical, multi-angle full-range enclosure features a user rotatable horn for horizontal or vertical orientation, and has a screwfree, cloth-backed steel grille. Comprehensive mounting options include wall bracket, eyebolt suspension and pole-mounting. Ergonomic handles at the rear of each full-range enclosure make for easy handling while maintaining clean lines.

    All BlacklineX Series enclosures are constructed from durable plywood and finished with hard wearing black textured coating paint, with white and custom RAL colour options available to order.

    Professional and affordable, BlacklineX puts Martin Audio signature sound within easy reach of musicians, DJ’s and systems integrators — the Blackline heritage re-imagined for the modern era.

  • Wavefront Precision
    The world’s first optimised line arrays with scalable resolution, ideal for both live sound and installation....

  • Drawing on the research and technology behind MLA Series, the Wavefront Precision Series is a new generation of multi-purpose line arrays designed to bring Martin Audio’s legendary sound, coverage consistency and control to a broader range of touring applications, installations and budgets.

    Comprising the WPC and WPM, Wavefront Precision line arrays are designed as complete systems with external iKON® multi-channel amplifiers and optimised by automated DISPLAY software.

    Adopting the principle of scalable resolution, with external, dedicated multi-channel amplifiers, Wavefront Precision line arrays are uniquely flexible, upgradeable and financially accessible.

    With exceptional line array performance guaranteed by the acoustic design itself, scalable resolution unlocks the full potential of a Wavefront Precision array and provides an adaptable pathway into the world of advanced optimisation.

    The greater the resolution of the array in terms of individually driven enclosures, the more precisely DISPLAY can fine-tune audience coverage and hold the frequency response and SPL’s throughout the venue within a tight window specified by the user.

    For the first time in the marketplace the decision on the level of resolution and control that is right for the install, client, event or budget is yours.

  • CDD Series
    Engineering innovation to installed sound — unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion™ technology to deliver class-leading performance, fidelity and coverage consistency....

  • Martin Audio brings engineering innovation to installed sound with the all-new CDD™ and CDD Weatherised Series— combining distinctive curved enclosures with unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion™ technology to deliver class-leading performance, fidelity and coverage consistency to venues that demand the ultimate in cutting-edge technology and style at a commercial price that makes sense.

    CDD is the one-stop solution with six two-way full-range coaxial systems — from the micro CDD5 to the powerful CDD15 —complemented by high-performance subwoofers able cover practically all install applications. Now with CDD-Weatherised option, those applications are extended even further.

    Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology delivers more consistent audience coverage than systems with fixed dispersion X° x Y° horns — projecting more output to the rear of the audience to distribute sound evenly front-to-back, while having wide horizontal coverage close-up. This increased coverage area can reduce the speaker count in larger installations by up to 25% thereby significantly reducing total installation cost of a project.

    Visually-appealing enclosure design is a signature of the CDD Series. The full-range enclosures can be used in either horizontal or vertical orientation, with rotation of the coaxial driver easily accomplished by removing the screw-free, protective grille. The curved shape of each full-range enclosure allows it to be discreetly mounted close to a wall or ceiling.

    With the exception of CDD5, all the enclosures are moulded in rigid UPM Formi — a composite material which combines stiffness with excellent internal damping properties. From the CDD8 upwards, speaker baffles are machined from birch ply and all models feature sophisticated internal rib structures to reduce weight and increase rigidity. Finished in black (RAL90095) or white (RAL9016) as standard.

    In summary, architects are happy with the discreet design and often fewer speakers; system integrators are happy as they can provide exemplary coverage for spaces and competitive tenders that increases the number of jobs that can be won; and the quality of coverage and consistency not only delights the client but also their clientele. No wonder, CDD is the shape of things to come.