SteadyVu Snorkeling Boards

Knoxville,  TN 
United States
  • Booth: 3536

SteadyVu Snorkeling Boards are the newest & only innovative Snorkel Boards in its class, designed for any ocean/fresh-water snorkeling enthusiast. SteadyVu Snorkeling Boards are sturdy, sleek, contemporary snorkel boards. Unlike other snorkeling flotation devices, the SteadyVu Snorkeling Board delivers a complete snorkeling experience, creating virtually the same sensation as that of having only a snorkel mask and life vest, but with the added support of a sturdy, buoyant board underneath. The SteadyVu Snorkeling Board is unparalleled and unmatched for its combination of buoyancy, maneuverability, functionality, and stylish design by any comparable board in its class. “Stay On Top” with the SteadyVu Snorkeling Boards (