Mexico, Turismo de Yucatan

Merida,  Yucatan 
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Yucatan is an area of Mexico full of all sorts of wonders that amaze tourists at every step. Like the weather of this region, the locals are warm and joyful, and they have deep-rooted traditions. They are always ready to welcome whoever wants to get to know them with arms wide open. Its gorgeous beaches, of white sand and blue water, are a must; they offer a perfect way to relax and enjoy the generosity of the sea. Yet the sea water is not the only one to be enjoyed by visitors, for in this regions there are also famous sinkholes (or cenotes). These fresh water pools are a classic feature of this region. This is a state famous for its archeological legacy. Home to the Mayan civilization, whose traces in the region can be seen in the ruins of their wonderful settlements.