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Established in 1971, the French company LABLABO is specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of airless metering dispensers (valves, pumps and pouch-bottles) to be used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic 

Certified ISO 9001, ISO 15378, ISO 13485, LABLABO continues to focus on providing customers and partners  an innovative and high-quality packaging, abiding by current and future requirements.

Brands: Since 1995, when LABLABO launched the first airless pouch dispenser, it has been constantly improving its innovative product range: Select, Sillage, Silhouette, Twinbag and Verso lines. Our 2018 new product to be discovered: the 15ml Sillage pouch bottle !


  • Our technical performances
    Lablabo established a charter defining minimum technical requirements that airless dosing systems should present.
    It was deemed too harsh by the profession....

  • Our technical strenghts:

    Our technical performances in figures:

  • SELECT line
    Ideal if you need a large choice of bottles and pouches volume: from 15ml to 250ml...

  • Our Select line 

  • SILLAGE line
    The "small and slim" line of bottles...

  • Our Sillage range

    The most sophisticated design...

  • Our Silhouette line

  • TWINBAG line
    Two incompatible products in 1 bottle
    Solo or Duo actuator option...

  • Our Twinbag line

  • VERSO line
    Cream and spray lotion in 1 bottle
    2 different doses in 1 bottle...

  • Our Verso line

    Made up of valve body, a metering head and a shield, it dispenses precise and constant doses of liquid or foam....

  • Our metering valves

  • NEW PRODUCT: 15 ml Sillage pouch !
    This 15 ml pouch, available in PE or Aluminium foil, is now proposed with a 15 ml, 30 ml or 50ml bottles. Combine with the Sillage pump, able to dispense a dose from 0,2ml to 1ml, it is the perfect pack for small volume....

  • The new Sillage 15 ml pouch in a 15 ml and in a 30 ml bottle.