Chiral Technologies Inc.

West Chester,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 364

Chiral Technologies, Inc. of West Chester, PA is the market leader in the area of enantioselective chromatography. In addition to our full range of chromatography products and chromatography services for separations of chiral molecules, we have recently expanded our product offering into the DNA Purification marketplace with our acquisition of Diffinity Genomics®.

Together with Daicel Corporation, our chiral chromatography business supports our customers at all stages of drug development from preclinical studies to commercial production through analytical and preparative columns, as well as services focused on custom enantiomeric purification.

Chiral Technology’s genomics products are functionalized pipette tips, designed to rapidly clean up PCR-amplified DNA fragments.

North American markets are served through Chiral Technologies, Inc. (West Chester, Pa.).