Minneapolis,  MN 
United States
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As world leader in nanomechanical test instruments, Hysitron is dedicated to providing next-generation testing solutions for nanoscale mechanical characterization. Hysitron’s nanomechanical test instruments provide in-situ SPM imaging in addition to the quantitative measurement of multiple mechanical properties, including hardness, modulus, fracture toughness, interfacial adhesion, and wear resistance. Our instruments feature a full suite of advanced complementary techniques, including nanoDMA® III to continuously obtain elastic-plastic and viscoelastic properties of materials as a function of indentation depth, frequency, and time. Additional Hysitron hybrid techniques include nanoECR® for simultaneous electrical and mechanical property measurements, XPM high speed mechanical property mapping, and elevated temperature testing utilizing our xSol™ high-temperature stage to determine material properties at operating or processing temperatures. 




Brands: TI 980 TriboIndenter®, TI Premier™, TS 75 TriboScope®, PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter®, PI 85/87 SEM PicoIndenter®,