Buchiglas USA Corp

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Buchiglas offers multipurpose pressure reactors up to 400 bar, in sizes from 10ml to 300lt, for applications in research, hydrogenations, polymerizations, catalyst testing and much more. A wide variety of standard and other high performance materials are available. We also offer process controls, monitoring and automation. In addition to our Pressure systems we manufacture reactor systems and pilot plants made from borosilicate glass and glass lined steel for use in R&D, and a wide variety of fine chemicals and API’s in sizes from 5 to 250 liters for the chemReactor series and up to 10,000 liters for production plants. Buchiglas reactors, filters and scrubbers are built with our unique flexible glass connection (buchiflex), for vacuum tight, leak free, economic and safe processing. Our strength lies in the customized engineering and designs for a multitude of customer requirements. For more information visit: www.buchiglas-usa.com