Bausch Advanced Technologies

Clinton,  CT 
United States
  • Booth: 3114

BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group (BATG) includes companies located in USA, Germany, Brazil and Switzerland and also benefits from a large distribution network covering many countries worldwide. The group combines an extensive experience of over 40 years of engineering and manufacturing of machinery dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. It offers complete primary packaging lines for Syringes, Cartridges, Vials, Bottles, Ampoules, Bags and Various Other Containers, starting at small tabletop units for small batches up to high speed fully automatic production lines. Following equipment can be offered and customized to our customer’s special requirements: Washing Machines, Depyrogenation Tunnels, Filling and Closing Machines, Labeling Machines, Plunger Rod & Backstop Insertion, Tray Loaders, Nesters / De-Nesters, Safety Device Assembly, Bag Making Machines and Laminar Flow Units.


  • Machine 534
    Filling & Screw Capping for Dropper Tips...

  • A walking beam transport system carries the containers to the Peristaltic Filling Stations. Bottles are weighed empty, filled with the product and weighed again to verify 100% IPC. A vacuum grip arm takes a dropper tip and inserts the closure into the bottle. Caps are then screwed onto the bottle with precise torque.
  • Machine 526
    Bag Filling & Closing...

  • A robot picks up the bags and loads them onto the transport shuttles. Bags are filled through an 8 head mass flow system and stoppers are inserted into the open tube of the bag. Once bags are confirmed to be processed accurately they are discharged. Reject bags are discharged into a separate container that will not be mixed with conforming bags.
  • Machine 535
    Filling & Stoppering for Nested Containers...

  • Nests are loaded manually and under laminar flow on the rotary table. A clean room robot fills and closes the containers automatically. Containers can be filled and closed under vacuum to avoid contamination, particle generation and avoidance of air presence. The machine guarding provides user safety while ensuring ample access to the workstations.
  • Machine 550-551
    Filling, Stoppering and Crimp Capping Machine...

  • Available with either three/six, four/eight or six/twelve filling heads. Precision force control for crimping and integrated visual inspection system ensures that the containers are properly sealed, faulty or unsealed containers are rejected. Adjustable main transport system allows for the processing of various container sizes, without need for size parts. The use of servo drive tech- nology features maximum versatility and repeatability. All process parameters can be easily viewed and changed on the user friendly touch screen operator interface terminal. The balcony design provides an optimized laminar flow friendly operation inside a Class A clean room specification and can directly be combined with an isolator or a rapid access barrier system.