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Granollers,  España 
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Grupo Plimon is a diversified organization that is internationally active. The main focus is on satisfying the needs of raw materials, auxiliaries and specialties, mainly for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other chemical sectors. Textron with more than 30 years of experience and through strategic international alliances is offering the best of both worlds combining long lasting Manufacturing & Commercial experience for its Bismuth Compounds. Textron’s team is at your service to address your specific requirements for Bismuth derivatives in Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary, Cosmetic and Industrial areas. Our focus and wide expertise coupled with our customer-driven approach to research and development are the keys to our success. For more detailed information please visit our web site: www.plimon.com

 Press Releases

  • (Feb 23, 2017)
    METALLIC BISMUTH: Manufacturing of medicines, cosmetics (eye shadows, lipsticks ), semiconductors manufacturing, catalyst in acrilonitrile manufacturing, metalworking fluids manufacturing and magnets.
    - BISMUTH CITRATE: Stomach and intestine medicines.
    - BISMUTH NITRATE: Preparation of other Bismuth salts, brightener in tin baths, bright enamel and paint manufacturing, alkaloid precipitation and other medicine uses.
    - BISMUTH HYDROXIDE: Plutonium obtention from radioactive residues, ribonucleic acid hydrolysis, adsorbent in other metals precipitation.
    - BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE: Cosmetics in general, eye shadows, pigment for paints, cathode in piles and medicine.
    - BISMUTH COLLOIDAL SUBCITRATE (C.B.S.): Manufacturing of stomach and duodene anti-ulcer medicines.
    - BISMUTH SUBCARBONATE: Base to manufacture other Bi compounds, cosmetics, X ray opacifier, manufacturing of enamels, paints and ceramics, gastric anti ulcer medicines.
    - BISMUTH SUBGALLATE: Medical (serums), Intestinal (anti-diarrhoea and anti-haemorrhoidal) medicines.
    - BISMUTH SUBNITRATE: Colour in ceramics and enamels. Cosmetics.
    - BISMUTH SUBSALICYLATE: Plastic coatings, copy paper, medicines.
    - BISMUTH TRIOXIDE: Coatings for Iron pieces, ceramics colorants, semiconductors, varistors.


    Plastic coatings, copy paper, medicines....

  • - Varies packaging available

    - DMF available upon request  

    Colour in ceramics and enamels. Cosmetics....

  • pharma, cosmetics and veterinary application

    - Various packaging available

    - DMF available upon request