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Sigachi is a 25 year old pharmaceutical excipient manufacturer and exporter .With three multilocational manufacturing facilities(EDQM,WHOGMP,HACCP and ISO 9001:2008),comply with USFDA norms.Sigachi has established itself as a quality conscious supplier exporting to more than 30 countries. Products include Microcrystalline cellulose & other excipients like Croscarmellose , Sodium Starch Glycolate , Purified Talc , Pregelatinized Starch .


    HiCel is the international standard for Spray Dried MCC. <br />Functionality of HiCel in MCC <br />Strong Dry Binder with high Dilution Potential with good compressibility & broad particle size distribution <br />...

  • HiCel SMCC , Silicified microcrystalline  cellulose, is a unique combination of  microcrystalline cellulose and colloidal silicon dioxide .HiCel SMCC has greater Tensile Strength & requires lower compression pressure than regular grades of MCC. HiCel SMCC has better compaction as compared to conventional grades .

    HiCel MCG are colloidal Grades are unique combination of MCC & Sodium CMC used as gelling agent for suspensions , emulsions & dry suspensions .

    More than 35 grades of  MCC of various particle sizes & moisture content  are available .