Shanghai Forxine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • Booth: 1127

Shanghai Forxine is a leading fine chemical manufacturer who owns ISO 9001. Through innovative technology in asymmetric synthesis, borane chemistry and cross-coupling reactions, we provide leading products in formulation chemistry and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). We provide services and solutions ranging from R&D to manufacturing, including novel coupling reagents, novel reducing reagents, chiral building blocks and catalysts and inducing reagents for asymmetric synthesis.Our team shares a passion for serving our customers and for providing the highest quality products. Our team endeavors to attract like-minded people to pursue this goal and to share our success. We are committed to becoming the leading company in our industry. In our customer-driven culture, we continuously innovate technology and business model to satisfy customer needs. We always seek to provide products of the highest quality and create more value for our customers. Our core value is "customer first".