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m/s shanghai bayuechemicals co.,ltd is spefic to research,develop,produce and sell phosgene derivates well in China.we have own r&d center and we have good cooperation with chinese phosgene plants as OEM.we have developped and produced the following phosgene derivates at phosgene plants as below:tert-butyl isocyanate,PPDI,TODI,MOI,AOI,phenyl chloroformate,n-pentyl chloroformate,n-butyl chloroformates,4-chlorobutyryl chloride. We are willing to develop and produce new phosgene derivates as OEM for you.please visit our website and send your inquiry. Product Categories: 2-ethylhexyl chloroformate; Myrystyl chloroformate; Cetyl chloroformate; Tert-butyl isocyanate; p-phenyl diisocyanate; 3,3-dimethyl-4,4-diphenyl diisocyanate; Allyl isocyanate; 4-chlorobutyryl chloride; Methoxyacetyl chloride