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Aptar Pharma has been setting the standard for the drug delivery industry for decades. A trusted partner of the pharmaceutical community, we provide specialized products and services, enabling the success of our clients. Reliable and caring, we harness healthcare trends to continuously offer innovative, convenient and safe products for all our customers.

 Press Releases

  • Aptar Pharma’s innovative and patented preservative-free multidose Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser is available for patients in the U.S. prescription market for the first time with Allergan’s RESTASIS MULTIDOSE™ (Cyclosporine Ophthalmic Emulsion) 0.05%.

    This approval and launch makes the Aptar Pharma Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser the very first, and only, U.S. FDA-approved multidose delivery system to handle prescription eye treatment formulations without any preservatives.

    Meeting the needs of patients

    Aptar Pharma is working closely with eye care specialist Allergan to improve patient safety, achieve dosing accuracy and maintain product integrity.

    Dry eye patients use eye drops on a regular basis, and often for the rest of their lives. It is well-proven that preserved medications may cause unpleasant and sometimes serious side effects.

    FDA approval

    The increasing number of patients experiencing eye irritation or allergic reactions with preserved formulations appreciate the fact that preservatives can be removed from eye care medications with Aptar Pharma’s Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser system. RESTASIS® and RESTASIS MULTIDOSE™ are FDA-approved prescription treatments to help patients suffering from Chronic Dry Eye to make more of their own tears.

    Making ophthalmic solutions easier and safer to deliver

    Aptar Pharma’s Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser system is the result of more than 10 years of development and experience in the delivery of preservative-free ophthalmic solutions. Patients and consumers in Europe, Latin America and Asia have benefited from this technology since 2012 with more than 100 commercial references now available on the market.

    RESTASIS® is not an artificial tear. It is a prescription medicine that helps increase the eyes' natural ability to produce tears.

    "Our Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser technology has been a great success for our customers," explained Salim Haffar, President, Aptar Pharma. "The proven and unrivalled microbiological safety, combined with a precise and reproducible drop ejection allows pharmaceutical customers worldwide to enter into discussions with regulatory agencies such as the FDA." Mr. Haffar also points out the user-friendliness of the system, "The ergonomic and pocket-size design and the intuitiveness of a squeezable container with a low actuation force certainly contribute to the high levels of acceptance among patients and consumers around the world."

    Staying ahead of the market

    Aptar Pharma's Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser provides a unique competitive advantage by addressing the global trend towards patient-friendly, cost-effective and preservative-free multidose dispensers.

    About Aptar Pharma

    Aptar Pharma is part of AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR), a leading global supplier of a broad range of innovative dispensing and sealing solutions for the beauty, personal care, home care, prescription drug, consumer health care, injectables, food and beverage markets. AptarGroup is headquartered in Crystal Lake, Illinois, with manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. For more information, visit www.aptar.com.

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  • PremiumCoatTM
    The alternative coated solutions for sensitive drugs<br />Aptar Pharma’s coated solutions are based on an approved, pure state-of-the-art elastomeric formulation....

  • The alternative coated stopper for sensitive injectable drugs.

    An ETFE-coated stopper, based on an approved, pure, state-of-the-art elastomer formulation.


    • Reduces the quantity of leachables
    • Proven technology
    • Facilitates project development
    • Available and supported worldwide
  • UDS Unit Dose System
    The gold standard unit-dose systems for disposable use<br />Aptar Pharma’s convenient, ready-to-use primeless UDS devices provide one-handed actuation and can be used in any position.<br />...


    UDS are applicable for therapies where a small and very precise amount of active drug formulation is required in a single nasal shot. Some of these therapies delivered intra-nasally require high deposition in targeted areas of the nasal cavity. The nose-to-brain pathway which may allow therapeutic compounds to enter the CNS requires the targeting of the upper part of the nasal cavity or “the olfactory region”.

    Our range of UDS, and in particular the UDS powder, is designed to address the nose-to-brain pathway. Dry powder formulations bring additional benefits such as lack of preservatives, administration of larger doses of drugs and the improved stability of the formulation.



    • Accurate one shot drug delivery
    • One handed actuation, can be used in any position
    • Suitable for liquid and powder drug delivery


    • Liquid dose volumes of 100 µl
    • Powder dosage – maximum filling volume 140 mm3
    • Drug product and delivery device protected before use
    • Patient-independent performance for UDS Powder
    • Convenient, ready-to-use primeless devices
    • Conventional filling techniques
  • Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser
    The first and only FDA-approved multidose system<br />for unpreserved ophthalmic formulations...

  • The Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD) is designed to be used with many liquid ophthalmic medications, in particular those for chronic conditions such as glaucoma or dry eye; the simple intuitive use is ideal for the target group. Preservatives can be omitted, which will be appreciated by the high number of patients experiencing eye irritation or allergic responses with preserved formulations. The new device can provide a cutting edge for life-cycle management of established products, using existing filling technology.

    You can learn more about the OSD and its general function in the following video published in our Newsroom:
    The Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser - Innovation Based on Experience 



    • Designed for unpreserved formulations
    • Metal free fluid path – a solution for oxidizing formulations
    • Pharma compliant materials
    • Suitable for a wide range of viscosities
    • Patient friendly device
    • Squeeze bottle – convenient and intuitive to use
    • Qualified with challenging microbiological tests (TSIT and CVIT)
    • Compatible with existing filling technologies