Pfizer CentreOne

New York,  NY 
United States
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Pfizer CentreOne™ is a global contract manufacturer that focuses on API synthesis, sterile injectables fill-finish and highly potent solids. For 40+ years, we’ve manufactured complex compounds for our biopharmaceutical partners. Our dedicated team of contract manufacturing experts guide your drug safely from development through commercialization, backed by the quality and resources of Pfizer. Our core capabilities include small-molecule steroid and hormone intermediates and APIs; custom small-molecule API synthesis; sterile injectables fill-finish, where we are known for our experience with complex biologics and lyophilization; and highly potent solid oral dose. Pfizer CentreOne is the union of CMOs Pfizer CentreSource and Hospira One 2 One. Learn more at


  • API Contract Manufacturing
    Small-molecule steroid and hormone intermediates and APIs and custom small-molecule API synthesis...

  • Pfizer CentreOne is a leading provider of specialty APIs.

    We focus on a narrow segment of complex compounds:

    • Small-molecule steroid and hormone intermediates and APIs
    • Custom small-molecule API synthesis

    Our partnership with you goes beyond a dependable, high-quality supply: For the lifetime of your compound, we provide you with dedicated technical, regulatory and customer service, so you’re never alone if an issue arises. We treat your molecule as our own, with access to expertise across the Pfizer network. We’re ready to handle any challenge.

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  • Sterile injectables contract manufacturing
    Sterile injectables fill-finish contract manufacturing services....

  • Pfizer CentreOne is a global leader in sterile injectables fill-finish.

    Count on us to carefully guide your compound from development through launch. We’re known for our expertise in:

    • Complex biologics
    • Controlled substances
    • Lyophilization

    You’ll be supported not only by our team, but also by the tools, processes and experience of Pfizer, the world’s leading injectables manufacturer.

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  • Highly potent solid contract manufacturing
    Highly potent solid oral dosage forms....

  • Pfizer CentreOne excels in the manufacture of highly potent solid oral dosage forms.

    From hormones to immunosuppressants to sensitizers, we're known for our:

    • Specialized technologies
    • Containment expertise
    • Deep technical and commercial know-how

    You can count on our devotion to you and your drug, backed by the quality and technology of Pfizer.

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