Nippon Refine Co., Ltd

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Nippon Refine Co. Ltd., is not only a leading Japanese solvent recycler but also provide "Extremely-Low-Impurity" solvents. Our eco-friendly businesses are made up of two elements. One is Purification and Recycling of Chemicals, the other is Environment Engineering which is to design and build efficient machinery for recovering solvents from emissions and waste water. Nippon Refine can provide our clients with appropriate solutions for used chemicals. We have 6 facilities 4 in Japan, 1 in Suzho China and 1 in Tainan Taiwan. Our capacity for distilling solvents will be totally more than 100,000MT/Y. In our plants, there will be not only a thorough quality control system, but also a danger prediction system (measurement of runaway reactions, exothermic reactions, or gas generation) using state-of-the-art analytical equipment and analytical technology.