LCI Corporation

Charlotte,  NC 
United States
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LCI Corporation (formerly Luwa Corporation) has been providing high quality Evaporation, Drying and Modular Systems and Extrusion, and Spheronization Systems worldwide since 1961. Our success is based on our wide range of products, technical expertise, and close working relationships with our customers. LCI Corporation is widely recognized as the leader in process technology and equipment used in the manufacture of chemicals, specialty polymers, food products, and pharmaceuticals. Process Solution Experts and Equipment Thin / Wiped Film Evaporators Short Path Evaporators High Viscosity Processors Dryers Engineered Modular Systems Extruders / Granulators Marumerizer™ / Spheronizers Mixers Feeders Pellet Mills Services Laboratory & pilot plant testing Process design & scale-up System design & integration Fabrication & QA Plant commissioning Process troubleshooting Spare parts Field service & repairs Equipment refurbishing


  • Wiped / Thin Film Evaporators
    An LCI agitated thin film evaporator or wiped film evaporator provides short residence time and open, low pressure drop configuration, allowing continuous, reliable processing of heat sensitive, viscous, or fouling materials without product degradation....

  • The LCI agitated thin film evaporator (also commonly referred to as a "wiped film evaporator") consists of two major assemblies: a cylindrical heated body and a rotor.

    Product is evenly distributed over the evaporator's inner surface by the rotor. As the product spirals down the wall, the high rotor tip speed generates highly turbulent flow resulting in the formation of bow waves (see illustration above) and creating optimum heat flux and mass transfer conditions.

    Volatile components are rapidly evaporated via conductive heat transfer. Vapors are ready for condensing or subsequent processing (i.e. fractionation) after exiting the vapor discharge section.

    Nonvolatile components are discharged at the outlet. Continuous agitation and mixing by the rotor blades minimizes fouling of the thermal wall where the product or residue is most concentrated.

    The combination of 1) extremely short residence time, 2) narrow residence time distribution, 3) high turbulence, and 4) rapid surface renewal permits the LCI thin film evaporator to successfully handle heat-sensitive, viscous and fouling-type fluids.

  • Extruders and Spheronizers
    LCI Corporation, formerly Luwa, provides a wide variety of wet extrusion and spheronization technologies serving the pharmaceutical and chemical industries....

  • LCI Corporation, formerly Luwa, provides a wide variety of wet extrusion and spheronization technologies serving the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. LCI’s patented extruders and pheronizers are manufactured by Fuji Paudal of Osaka, Japan, a world leader in powder agglomeration technology. For the past 25 years, LCI has been Fuji Paudal’s exclusive distributor in the Americas.

    The LCI Extrusion/Spheronization team is composed of engineers with years of highly specialized process experience, specifi cally in this area of agglomeration. Team members handle every aspect of the business — initial assessment, product testing / scaleup, quotations, project management,  commissioning, and post-sale support. The LCI team can provide technology for all applications from laboratory scale to production, as individual  components or full integrated systems.

  • Circle Feeder ®
    Prevent material arching, bridging, and ratholing with the Circle Feeder®....

  • Prevent material arching, bridging, and ratholing with the Circle Feeder®. The large open inlet exceeds most materials’ critical arching diameter, preventing bridging and ratholing. High viscous material can be fed through the feeder and discharger smoothly and efficiently. The unique construction allows for quantitative dosing steadily and evenly. The Circle Feeder can be manufactured with several outlets for “one to multiple” feeding, which saves on the amount of equipment, space and maintenance costs. First-in first-out, last-in last-out. This prevents bridging and segregation and has a compact construction for easy maintenance.

    Segregation is the uneven distribution of components in powder material that occur during flows of the material due to differences in physical properties of its components. Segregation is difficult to check visually, and there are many adverse effects resulting from segregation during storage and handling of powder. Circle Feeder is the premier choice feeder that can prevent the segregation during mass flow discharging.

    The Circle Feeder can be used as a material feeder, large industrial feeder, laboratory feeder, powder feed, volumetric feeder, and dry chemical feeder. The Circle Feeder can also be used in place of the screw feeder, belt feeder, bulk feeder, and hopper feeder. It has also been used as a solution in place of the rotary feeder, weigh feeder, powder silos, and within powder feed systems.