Laurus Synthesis Inc.

  • Booth: 1100

Laurus Labs Ltd leads the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing. In just 10 years it has established itself as one of the largest, most progressive API manufacturers in the world. Laurus Generics has combined innovation with efficiency by developing cost effective processes while simultaneously investing in suitable capacities and extensive backward integration to develop an in-house range of APIs and related intermediates. Laurus Generics is forward integrating into finished dosage forms to create more value for its customers and has established state of art oral finished dosage facilities. Laurus Synthesis strives to be recognized as the definitive example of “East Meets West” drug development by combining unparalleled front-end process chemistry expertise in both the U.S. and India with world-class back-end API manufacturing resources in India. This paradigm shift will overcome the disconnect between early-stage development and technological transfer to large-scale manufacturing.