Korea (South)
  • Booth: 935

[Aminologics] AminoLogics is a Korean manufacturer specialized in chiral amino acids and amino acids derivatives. Our proprietary platform technology, ARCA, converts L-amino acids into their D-enantiomers and performs resolution of racemic mixtures. This approach allows a wide range of amino acids to be produced in a simple and economical way at any scale. As a specialized amino acid provider, uniquely positioned to meet the needs of pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries, we constantly strive to develop value-added advanced raw materials at commercial scale with our R&D innovation. [Miat] A long-lasting experience of close, friendly relations with Asian countries remarkably influenced MIAT business philosophy. Nowadays MIAT aim is to act as a bridge to open and consolidate business cooperation in the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical fields across European and Asian countries.