Indena SpA

Milano,  NA 
  • Booth: 2851

Indena is an Italian company specialized in isolation, development and bulk-manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients from natural sources. In more than 90 years Indena has established sales in over 70 countries, complying with the highest quality standards and the most strict regulations. Indena invests a relevant portion of its resources to develop innovative and environmentally benign processes. Indena is recognized as the leading supplier of natural/semisynthetic APIs, HPAIs (e,g. taxane derivatives and colchicinoids). Indena provides Contract Manufacturing Services such as extraction, isolation and purification of natural derivatives, through a full range of manufacturing capabilities on a wide range of scale in state-of-the-art facilities. A new multipurpose pilot plant for semi-synthesis, suitable for the extraction of toxic plants and equipped with chromatographic purification columns, and a kilo-lab for very high toxic products (OEL 20–50 ng/m3) are being installed.