Formosa Laboratories, Inc.

  • Booth: 1301

Formosa Laboratories, Inc., is a leading producer GMP-compliant APIs and UV filters. We incorporate challenging chemical transformations into robust processes for API classes such as vitamin D derivatives, steroids, and cytotoxics. Since 2000, we operate with the approval of major regulatory authorities, such as EMEA, USFDA, and PMDA. Formosa also provides custom synthesis services from process development to commercial production. By involving Project Mgmt early, we guarantee clear timelines and interaction to ensure full development and documentation support for final technical packages. Formosa has formed strategic alliances with domestic partners to offer integrated ADC services from antibody development and production, linker-payload synthesis, and conjugation process development from mg to multi-kg scales. Formosa Laboratories aims to provide customer satisfaction with strict confidentiality. In doing so, we deliver services that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.