Changzhou BOHIV Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

Chunjiang Town,  Changzhou 
  • Booth: 2331

Changzhou BOHIV Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd is designed to help our worldwide customers supply high-activity small molecule compounds and chiral compounds through cost-effective.As an innovation-driven and customer-focused company, BOHIV provides for high added-value and high technology-valued drugs. Changzhou BOHIV has successfully established a fully integrated services and technology platform. The company built its initial capabilities in the synthesis technology of coupled reaction, addition reactions, enzymatic reaction, oxidation reaction, eduction reaction, asymmetric reduction and has further enhanced the integrated services with experience in the synthesis technology of advanced intermediates of Prostaglandin and its derivants. The laboratory equipped with preparative HPLC which could provide for effective solution to remove the impurity and get highly purified product. At Changzhou BOHIV , quality management system is established based on Chinese GMP and ICH Q7A.