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Apex Aseptic Products provides expert consultation and solutions related to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry worldwide.  Our focus is on helping our customers improve their aseptic technique, assist and support them through their sterilization validation activities, and seek ways to ensure the protection of your product from human generated contamination, with our specially designed SureClean® line of products.   We design and manufacture Tyvek® based sterilization wrapping products, equipment covers, pre-sterilized cleanroom wipers, mop bucket liners, trash bags and disposable apparel.     We have two factories, validated sterilization and packaging processes, cleanroom manufacturing and we are ISO Certified. With experienced consultants leading the way, and a state of the art manufacturing operation, we are well positioned to provide our customers with the highest quality products, at reasonable prices, along with the fastest lead times in the industry.

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    Date:         May 15, 2017

    Apex Aseptic Products Featured At CPhI North America  


    Valumax International Forms Specialized Product Group – CPhI Booth #1014

    Reading, PA:  Serving pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide, ISO-9001-certified Apex Aseptic Products manufactures a complete line of sterile cleanroom apparel and accessories called SureClean® and provides expert assistance in improving aseptic technique and in performing sterilization validation activities to prevent human-generated contamination. The SureClean line features custom-developed, proprietary materials and breathable nonwovens in a wide range of product configurations including coveralls, hoods, sleeve covers, shoe and boot covers, and accessories. The new division also offers a proprietary line of Tyvek®-based sterilization wrapping products, equipment covers, pre-sterilized cleanroom wipers, mop bucket liners, trash bags and disposable apparel.

    Manufactured and packaged in a cleanroom environment with validated sterilization and packaging processes, the cleanroom products meet ISO Class Levels three through eight and ship from multiple warehouses throughout the United States for lead times as fast as same day delivery. In addition to offering the company's proprietary product line from stock, the new division offers to custom design and manufacture products to meet specific customer requirements and/or additional ISO classifications.  

    For a free catalog, samples, or more information, contact Apex Aseptic Products; 120 E. Gloucester Pike, Barrington, NJ 08007; 856-805-7983; or see www.ApexAseptic.com.

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  • Self-Sealing Klean-Peel 1073B Tyvek® Pouch
    Tyvek®/Tyvek® construction. Fiber-Free resealable seals. Manufactured & packaged in ISO certified controlled cleanroom environment....

  • These self-sealing Klean-Peel 1073B Tyvek Pouches are designed for steam sterilization.  The self-seal  eliminates the need for use and validation of a heat sealer and reduces the chance of particulate creation.  The Tyvek®/Tyvek® construciton provides excellent strength, puncture resistance, and exceptional microbial barrier protection.  All bags have excellent clarity for product vissibility. These pouches improve the efficiency of the Parts Preparation Department.  
  • SureClean® Tyvek® Tiny Muffs
    Breathable microbial barrier; superior tunnelized stitching reduces particulate contamination risk; hydrophobic; bio-burden free at point of use (Sterilized 10 -6 SAL); lint-free (category 1 - Helmke Drum)....

  • When used as a clean equipment cover our SureClean® Tyvek® Tiny Muffs® are a convenient way to protect clean equipment form external contamination.  They are packaged & sterilized by the manufacturer to allow your operation to have Bio-Burden Free covers at the point of use.

    When used as an autoclavable cover these SureClean® Tyvek® Tiny Muffs® eliminate the need for autoclave tape and rubber bands which minimizes particulate generation & enhances aseptic technique.  

    SureClean® Tyvek® Tiny Muffs® feature a specialized tunneled sewing technique that eliminates exposure of elastic and threads - greatly reducing particulate contamination risk.

  • Sterile Disposable Garments/Facemasks
    Manufactured and constructed with highly durable fabrics that allow heat & sweat vapor to escape while providing excellent contamination protection from dry and liquid particulates. Lint-free (Category 1- Helmke Drum) and highly anti-static treated....

  • Apex Aseptic garments are designed and manufactured with lightweight, low-linting, durable material. They provide an excellent combination of comfort and protection. The Apex Aseptic line of garments/face protection provides full head-to-toe coverage with an extensive array of masks, coveralls, hoods, sleeve covers, lab coats, and highly slip-resistant shoe/boot covers.  All products are available in sterile and non-sterile to suit all controlled environments.  Workers will be safer, more comfortable and therefore, more productive, wearing Apex Aseptic apparel.