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NEW ~ All-in-One Redundant Microphones On Display!

See the CO2-8WL and EO-8WR, the World’s First Fully Redundant Dual Element Microphones

The two factory-matched and waterproof elements give peace of mind to pastors needing backup assurance in live broadcasting and production environments — with the convenience of a single housing. Also featured this year at WFX is the patented CM-i3 and CM-i5 intercom headsets, which offer comfort and convenience at a fraction of the weight of other common style headsets worn by sound and lighting production teams.

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  • Redundant Microphones
    CO2-8WL and EO-8WR have Built-in Backup with Two Mics in One Supporting Two Separate Wireless Transmitters. The one-of-a-kind design pairs two factory matched microphone elements into a single housing to create a form factor that is ultra-low profile....

  • The CO2-8WL Dual Lavalier and EO-8WR Dual Earmount are a fully redundant dual element microphones — adding to the company’s SERIES8 collection of award-winning miniature microphones that are water, sweat, and makeup proof. The all-in-one solutions offer built-in back up and is ideal for talent requiring microphone backup in live broadcasting and production environments. The mic cables split approximately nine inches above connection to the body-pack to allow ample separation between the transmitters.

    The dual microphones incorporate perfectly matched frequency and sensitivity elements in a single housing to ensure consistent audio quality from either source. Two separate wire paths and discrete continuous connectors with no solder points help eliminate the possibility of interference while simplifying cable management. Highlighting the flexibility the unique design brings, the second output can be used either as a backup, or for a broadcast or monitor split.

  • CM-i5 In-Ear Headset
    The CM-i5 is the latest addition to the company’s radically new and patented line of in-ear headsets. The CM-i5 includes a slimmer, lighter condenser microphone designed for clarity and all-day wearing comfort....

  • The CM-i5 is the latest addition to the company’s radically new and patented line of in-ear headsets. The CM-i5 includes a slimmer, lighter condenser microphone designed for clarity and all-day wearing comfort. The new headset is among the world’s only modular in-ear headsets offering a revolutionary combination of in-ear performance, lightweight comfort and earphone modularity. The robust feature set makes the headset ideal for broadcast teams from directors to camera operators who rely vitally on the ability to hear clearly—and react quickly in order to capture live action shots.

    The one-of-a kind design of our patented headsets brilliantly captures what traditional headsets have been lacking. For anyone who must work in loud environments or have health concerns about sharing headsets or bulky headsets that weigh too much, this solution will give them relief from all these problems. The headset's low profile binaural earphone feature is a simple yet inventive method to block out noise and boost audio clarity — solving many age-old dilemmas experienced by headset wearers.

  • AuviTran Network Audio
    Distributed by Point Source Audio, the new AuviTran Audio ToolBoxes can convert one audio network protocol to another—such as from MADI to Dante—to easily bring convergence among network technologies and audio interfaces....

  • AuviTran Audio Toolboxes

    Smart, expandable and sustainable: meet AuviTran’s versatile and flexible platforms bringing convergence among network technologies and audio interfaces. With two 19” rack chassis AVBx3 and AVBx7 both available in StageBox or Installation modes, plus 14 interface cards, build the configuration you need.

    AuviTran DANTE™ Break Out Box

    The AVDT-BOB is a compact DANTE break out box with embedded Digital Signal Processing. The AVDT-BOB has state-of-the-art analog microphone preamplifiers for a very high audio dynamic and quality over DANTE at a very contained price.