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RME Audio Innovative and High-Quality Digital Audio Solutions

RME Audio

Innovative and High-Quality Digital Audio Solutions.

RME Audio offers a comprehensive range of PCI, PCI Express, FireWire, USB 2 and USB 3 interfaces, all based

on self-developed interface cores, MADI interfaces, audio converters, microphone preamps, and more that

enable everyone from the home recording enthusiast to leading music production studios and broadcast

organizations to achieve the highest production values.

RME Audio develops its own interface cores—from PCI over PCI Express to FireWire, USB 2 and even

USB 3—it is not dependent on third-party organizations for upgrades, modifications or bug fixes. Instead,

RME retains full control over its product development. RME’s own self-developed Audio Cores provide

maximum performance and ultra-low latency on both PC and Mac computers.

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  • Ferrofish A32 Dante
    Ferrofish, a leading manufacturer of advanced audio solutions, proudly announces the introduction of the Ferrofish A32 AD / DA converter with support for Dante audio networking....

  • Designed to streamline system cabling in both live and installed sound applications, the A32 Dante supports a wide range of audio formats, incorporates leading edge technology, and can also serve as a hi-end audio format converter.

    With its Dante audio networking capability, the new Ferrofish A32 Dante makes a terrific choice for studio, live, and installed applications. By utilizing uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology with near-zero latency and synchronization, the A32 Dante is designed to eliminate the unsightly and often trouble prone mass of cables utilized in large scale productions or AV installations. Dante does away with heavy, expensive analog or multicore cabling, replacing it with low-cost, easily-available CAT5e, CAT6, or fiber optic cable for a clean, lightweight, and economical solution over a single, standard IP network.

    The VERTO series make integration of digital ADAT and MADI into an existing DANTE network really easy. The compact enclosure of 1RU height and a ½-19“ width saves a lot of rack space.


  • Every VERTO device features word clock I/O for external synchronization and is remote controllable via MIDI or MIDI-over-MADI (VERTOMX). No matter if used together with our A16 MKII, A32 or Pulse16, or a converter from another brand – simply connect to the VERTO via ADAT or MADI – and you’re ready to go!


    Both the VERTO series and all other converters from Ferrofish can be remotely controlled via the DANTE Network. If all devices are connected via MIDI, the VERTO converts all DANTE audio streams to ADAT or MADI and the control commands sent over DANTE into MIDI remote control messages. The VERTOMX offers an additional feature: Instead of a separate MIDI Port the MIDI messages are extracted from the MIDI-over-MADI port.

  • Ferrofish A32
    The A32 is designed for MADI – the digital audio interface for professionals. Up to 64 channels can be transferred using a simple pair of glass fiber cables (or coaxial cable) spanning a distance of up to 1.2 miles....

  • Thanks to the MIDI over MADI feature, the A32 can be remote controlled using MIDI data embedded in the same MADI cable. The audio transfer between the MADI input and MADI output is done with zero latency, so you can daisy chain multiple A32 without any added latency or delay compensation. This is what we call plug-and-play!


    All MADI devices from Ferrofish are delivered as standard in multimode version. This version is the industry standard at audio transmission via MADI. In multimode signals can be transmitted over distances up to 2km. 
    Optionally all MADI devices can be ordered in single mode configuration. This means that an optical port in SC mode is equipped. In Single Mode (SC) Signals can be transmitted over distances up to 10km.


    Besides MADI, the A32 also offers full ADAT integration. Four full-fledged ADAT I/O ports allow use of all 64 analog channels, even without MADI. So the A32 is perfectly suited for the professional and ambitious home recording studio. One of the ADAT connectors can alternately be used as an optical S/PDIF or AES/EBU interface....